Physical symptoms


Our minds and bodies are connected.


Do you experience…?


  • Persistent headaches

  • Gut symptoms such as IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome)

  • Palpitations or dizziness

  • Chronic tiredness or pain

  • Symptoms with no medical explanation

It is often helpful to see a psychologist when experiencing physical symptoms as our minds and bodies are connected.  Physical symptoms often have a negative impact on our psychological wellbeing, and can begin to impact our quality of life, particularly if no medical reason for a symptom can be identified, or they do not resolve as expected.


When people develop physical symptoms they seek physical or medical interventions, however emotional stressors may contribute to their symptoms or interfere with their management. In situations where symptoms do not resolve, psychologists can help people identify and learn to manage their emotional stressors.


At Head to Toe we can help you if your physical symptoms are having a negative impact on your mental health, or if your emotional stressors are making your physical symptoms worse. You will need to visit a GP to ensure that your medical condition is appropriately treated before your first appointment.


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